Only the very best ingredients are good enough

Kim Foods products are made under the strictest standards of hygiene and are subject to permanent control by both of our own quality managers and independent ones. They are certified according to IFS (high quality) and are single frozen (IQF). Our meat and fish kebabs are pre-cooked and are submitted to a temperature of at least 70°C. Asian products are made according to recipes previously determined and controlled by our company.

Our quality guarantee is based on four main points: the best product at an optimal process, delivered just in time and entirely documented during every phase of its production and sale. 

Modern techniques help guarantee the consistent quality of our products and allow even the most rushed of all cooks to serve a refined dish to his guests within a matter of minutes.

It is important that you follow our recommendations for preparation. This will ensure that both the excellent quality and the typical taste of the food will remain. You will find tips and the pages corresponding to each product: kebabs, fine food and desserts.